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Dedicated Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer

The faith in our motto “LET US MAKE YOUR THINGS SAFER” by itself ensures sufficient guarantee to the customers. We have a well-established QA & QC department with self-defined goals for TOTAL QUALITY The well designed, detailed documentation systems implemented at Bhavani Tech Pack ensures a high degree of quality assurance on a continuous basis. We are aiming at achieving the intended quality on a daily basis. Also in-house training programs for the employees are conducted periodically to ensure that every box the customer receives is of its superior quality

We at Bhavani Tech Pack Guarantee Quality Corrugated boxes

We believe that quality is the backbone of any organization. Our endeavours are directed towards manufacturing optimal quality corrugated boxes and rolls. We have in-house quality auditors, who strictly monitor the entire production. To manufacture our range in compliance with international quality standards, we conduct strict quality checks. Our quality tests are carried out on the parameters of: We have with us, advanced testing equipment such as box compression tester and bursting strength tester, which facilitates us with checking the quality of the packaging boxes.

Bursting Strength Tester

The Bursting Strength Tester is defined as the distending force, which is applied at 90C to the plane of the paper, under specified conditions, which will result in the rupture of a paper; corrugated boxes & paper board etc. We use Bursting Strength Tester to test the strength of the paper

Moisture Tester

Moisture meter is used to measure the percentage of water in the paper that we use. This information can be used to determine if the material is ready for use, unexpectedly wet or dry, or otherwise in need of further inspection.

Cobb Tester

Cobb tester is used for fast determination of the quantity of water absorbed by a paper or board in a given time. The Water absorptiveness (Cobb value) of a substance is defined as the mass of water absorbed in a specific time by a 1 sq. meter sample of paper, board or corrugated board, under standardized conditions.

GSM Tester

We use the GSM Tester to check the density of the paper.

Paper Thickness Gauge

Used to check the thickness of the paper.

Viscosity Tester

Used to check the quality of corrugation pasting gums.